Monday, July 10, 2006

Wrapping up of the training

Last Week Of Practical Training
It was the final week of my summer training at 3BRD. Last week all the project work was completed and the preparation of the report was due. So I started making the report for the projects.

The report making required collection of data about the literature review regarding Six Sigma and Non mandatory spares. It was done with the help of books and internet. But there was nothing available regarding the non mandatory spares so I gathered the information about these items by talking to various officers from ranging from top position to bottom. In addition to this final checking of model, giving explanations of various concepts in the report etc was also done. And after doing all sorts of such things, the report was ready and it was submitted to the BRD.

But other than the report submission, there were a lot of formalities that I have to complete. It included getting clearance from all the departments of the BRD, paying all the dues, meetings with the supervisor etc.

At last I gave a presentation to the officers about my stay at BRD, my experiences and most importantly the work done during the project. I must say that it was a very good presentation both from our side and as well as from the BRD. After all that I got a chance to have photographs with the Mi8, Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters which was what I was wandering for since a long time.

Finally, now I have finished my training. I must say that the last two months were the best experiences of my life. During this period I have learned a lot about helicopters, Indian Air Force, their officers and the life that they live. And we all must Salute them for the dedication, sincerity and hard work that they provide to the country.

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